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Daytona Calendar of Events
A monthly Calendar of Events for the area of Daytona Beach is helpful in planning your activities. You can plan ahead knowing the date when a special group is performing, concerts at the bandshell on the beach, arts and crafts events, museum exhibits, etc. http://daytonabeach.com/calendar.cfm
Information from the North Peninsula Code Enforcement Brochure
The purpose of Code Enforcement is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Volusia County.
This brochure is a brief overview of the Volusia County Ordinances designed to protect the quality of life, improve economic vitality and protect the environment of the North Peninsula. Violations of the ordinances addressed in this brochure are the ones most frequently called into the North Peninsula Municipal Service District Board and Volusia County Code Enforcement.
Please refer to the phone numbers listed to report violations. You do not need to give your name when reporting a violation. If you do give your name, it becomes a public record and will be revealed if a public records request is made.
Waste Materials and Trash
Rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste materials must be properly disposed of and not stored on the property.
Code 808.08 Solid Waste Containers  All solid waste containers, except approved recycling containers,  shall be enclosed on at least three sides with a six-foot high screen or suitable shrubbery so the container be enclosed in such a manner so that said container will be screened from public streets and adjoining properties.
Lawn and Lot Maintenance & Corner Lots
Nuisance weeds and grass shall not be permitted if the greater portion of such growth exceeds 12 inches. No structure, shrub, or vegetation shall impede vision of traffic in all directions for driver of vehicles.
Garage Sales
Garage sales may be held by homeowners only two times per year and such sales are limited to one week for each sale. Garage sale signs may be placed only on the site hosting the sale.
Permits are required for most construction. To inquire whether a permit is needed, or to report construction without a permit call the
County Code Administration Office   386-254-4680
Regulations stipulate the height and location of fences. Contact the Growth and Resource Management Group  (386) 254-4685 for details when applying for the required permit.
Dog Restraint & Clean up
Dogs must be restrained when outside their home. Owners are responsible for cleaning up public or private property. For more information or to report a vioilation, call Volusia County Animal Control at (386) 248-1790.
Pets at the Beach
All pets are prohibited on the beach. Call  2396414 Pets are allowed, with a leash, at the Lighthouse Pointe Park in Ponce Inlet and the Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach. All other areas, pet owners risk a fine if caught with an animal on the beach (to include pet birds, snakes, etc.).
Sea Turtle Nesting Season
Sea turtle nesting season is May 1 - October 31. It is unlawful to disturb sea turtles, their nests, dune and vegetation. There are lighting restrictions for beachfront property owners effective May  1 - October 31 yearly. Lights can not directly or indirectly illuminate the beach or be visible from the beach during the sea turtle nesting season. For more information call the Zoning Compliance Office at (386) 257-6000 ext. 5925
House Numbers
Correct placement of house numbers is on the front of the building or on a separate structure in front of the building in such a way as to be visible easily from the street. Numbers should be three inches or higher and of contrasting color with the immediate background to which they are affixed.
Boats : Parking / Storage
Boats must be stored behind all parts of the residence that face the street and at least five feet from the lot line. Code 811.021 
Zoning Compliance 386.257.6000 Ext 5925  Office
Motor Homes : Parking / Storage
Motor homes may not be parked in the front yard and must be stored at least five feet from the side and rear lines. Code 811.021 
Vehicle Parking
In residential areas, motorized vehicles may not be parked anywhere in the front yard except on driveways. This also applies to vehicles for sale.
Vehicle Storage
Any vehicle which lacks a current license plate or is inoperable may be stored only in a completely enclosed garage.
Noise that involves disturbing the peace such as loud music or parties, especially late at night, should be reported to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office at (386) 323-0151 and after hours (386) 248-1777. Noise generated by industrial activity or machinery should be reported to Volusia County Environmental Management at (386) 254-4612.
Watering the Lawn
Restrictions define permitted days and hours for watering. Check on line at www.volusia.org/environmental for restrictions or call (386) 239-7890 for a recorded message.
Strategically placed signs inform the beach visitors that dogs, glass, alcohol and litter are not allowed on the beach.
Beach Walkovers
Walking on the dunes destroys them  and and their essential vegetation. Please access the beach using the walkovers.
Unsafe Buildings
If a building is abandoned, opened and accessible to children and transients, it is considered a danger to the community and should be reported to the Code Administration Office at (386) 254-4680.
There are restrictions on the size and placement of signs in residential areas. The posting of signs on public property, right-of-ways, utility poles and trees and or bushes is prohibited. The posting of off premises, yard sale, for sale/rent and open house signs are also prohibited. For more information, call Volusia County Growth and Resource Management at (386) 254-4685.
Business Operations in the Home
Only limited use of the home for certain types of businesses is permitted. For more information, call Volusia County Growth and Resource Management at (386) 254-4685.

Report Dogs On The Beach

Tractor-Trailers and Trucks
No tractor-trailer, semi-trailer, commercial bus, cutaway van, chassis-cab or other trucks with a gross vehicle weight more than 10,500 pounds may be parked in any residential area except for loading and unloading.

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